Devon Wegman is a Chicago-based interior designer and the Co-Owner of Devon Grace Interiors. She specializes in furnishings and renovations for commercial and residential spaces nationwide. Devon has been featured in the online publications Design Milk and MyDomaine, has won awards for her designs, and has quickly become an influential figure within the interior design industry. 

We were so excited to have the opportunity to chat with Devon as she shares her style, background, and some of her favorite sources of inspiration. 

CB: Tell us a little about yourself, what got you interested in design? 

Devon: I was always interested in art/design and started testing out the field by working at an architecture firm as an intern in high school. I went to undergrad for architecture and then earned my Masters in Interior Design. From there, I worked at a few different firms in Boston, New York, and Chicago before starting my firm, Devon Grace Interiors in 2016.

CB: How would you define your style? 

Devon: My style trends modern and neutral. I love introducing contrast with black and white, and add[ing] color to my designs with natural elements like greenery, cognac leathers, and rich wood tones.

CB: Can you walk us through a typical day? 

Devon: There’s no such thing as a typical day for me, which is half the fun of running my own company! My favorite days are when I get to actually sit at my desk and catch up on my own work, but most of the time I’m running out to client meetings, checking in with our designers on works in progress, and then there are the install days and photoshoots which are always exciting days!

Interior Designer, Interior Architecture, Devon Wegman, Devon Grace Interiors

CB: What are some current or recent projects that you have enjoyed working on? 

Devon: We have some really unique ones that we’ve been working on. One in particular that’s been fun is a 10,000 square foot showroom-style garage. We’re designing the building itself and the entire interior, and it is very different from any other project we’ve done so far! We’re also doing a lot of fun new builds and renovations right now. I think clients are becoming more and more aligned with our preferred style, so we’re having a lot of fun with all of them lately.

CB: Where do you draw inspiration? 

Devon: Travel! I love seeing different design styles throughout the world and incorporating unique details into our projects.

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CB: Who is you favorite architect or designer? 

Devon: I love Kara Mann, a designer here in Chicago. Her style is the perfect balance of minimal and elegant.

CB: Are there any emerging trends you’re excited about?

To be totally honest I don’t pay a ton of attention to trends. We focus more on creating designs that are timeless and customized to our specific clients so that they can enjoy them for years.

I do love that more and more people are leaning towards modern design and just paying attention to design more in general. I think Instagram and Pinterest have really motivated people to prioritize and appreciate good design and I love that it’s becoming such a big part of people’s lives!

CB: You have been an early supporter of Stitched By Grace. What initially drew you to the shop? How do you incorporate the pillows in your/clients decor? 

Devon: Yep, almost every one of our projects gets some Stitched By Grace pillows! I originally was drawn to the mudcloth pillows [she’s] done, but lately I’m loving the color blocking pillows and love the simple, modern look they have with the natural texture and colors that add to a project. We always add a cognac leather pillow too, the perfect pop of warmth and contrast!

Interior Designer, Interior Architecture, Devon Wegman, Devon Grace Interiors, Stitched By Grace Pillows, African Mud Cloth Pillows, Throw Pillows
River City Project – Devon Grace Interiors