Here at Coterie, we have a serious pillow obsession… With a whole sea of beautiful designs – each more captivating than the next – why commit to just one? Every throw pillow has its own world of possibilities that can uniquely transform an interior in a blink of an eye. It’s no wonder our collection, and our obsession grows and grows!

Since there’s no controlling our madness, we’ve decided to help you understand our decorative pillow addiction and why we just can’t stop.

#1. You Can Put Them Anywhere.

With an abundance of shapes and sizes to choose from, utilizing throw pillows to enhance your interior decor is easier than you think. Try incorporating new textures and designs with accent pillows along your couch or armchair. Cozy-up your bedroom with oversized pillows for comfy floor seating, or throw a few smaller ones on the bed for extra snuggles. And don’t forget chairs and benches, these are great for showcasing the most vibrant decorative pillows in the house! 

Let your creativity take control – think outside the box, take risks, and be as unconventional or conventional as you like!

#2. They Give an Instant Facelift.

The fastest and easiest way to give your space a facelift is through colorful, decorative pillows. Whether they’re fun and unique, or subtle and neutral, throw pillows are a room’s best friend and can quickly give your space a fresh new look. A room without pillows is like a person without clothes, so adding them to your decor is vital. Integrating just a few goes a long way, which makes upgrading your interior an effortless task. 

#3. They Are Easy To Swap.

Throw pillows can be changed regularly according to season, personality, or just because you feel like it. We love infusing pastels for spring, brighter tones for summer, and maroons and reds for fall and winter. As for personality, modern designs with neutral colors work well if you like your space clean and orderly. Eclectic styles with a little bit of everything resonate well with go-with-the-flow, laid-back personalities. And sometimes, you just feel like you need a change. Simply replace a few accent pillows or pillow covers, and voilà! Your room is revived with a new ambiance to give you that extra boost of energy throughout the day.

#4. There Are No Rules.

Your space is a blank canvas with the freedom to mix and match as you please. Interior decor is a means of expressing yourself through creativity and originality, and decorative pillows can help you achieve this. They provide flexible, diverse options, they’re fool-proof, and there’s no going wrong since your decor is a reflection of your imagination.

For us personally, we love when we can draw inspiration from unexpected sources to create unique looks. Our Stitched, Select Collection, for example, is made of fabrics from different cultures that are blended with modern textures.

#5. Layers, Layers, And More Layers!

We love creating layer upon layer of throw pillows on our couches. Not only does it create a more dynamic design, but it provides added comfort as well. The more pillows present on the couch, the easier it is to adjust for the support of your spine, legs, arms, and head. You can comfortably lay down and watch a movie, or sit up and work on your laptop. Layering also provides the opportunity to combine a variety of textures and patterns that would otherwise be difficult to do so in its absence.  

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#6. They Are Affordable. 

Decorative pillows have become game-changers in the affordable design space. Those with even the smallest of budgets have been able to stay on trend and elevate their interiors without breaking the bank. Swapping a few pillows instantly rejuvenates your room, and avoids the hassle of needing to purchase big-ticket items or assemble heavy furniture.

As styles change with season, affordability shouldn’t be the reason why our desire to stay in vogue is kept at bay. While new couches and tables every year weigh heavy on our wallets, a few accent pillows and pillow covers certainly are not! They’re inexpensive, easy to reuse, and require almost no maintenance in their upkeep. 

In A Nutshell

So as you can see, there is some sense behind our madness afterall. Our rationale justifies – if not supports – anyone’s addiction to decorative pillows…and hopefully, we’ve got you hooked now too!