Spring is here, and so is a shift in life as we know it. Most of us are spending far more time than we ever have before in our homes, this time can be rewarding but also challenging. Many people are finding new ways to enjoy their loved ones and relationships, while many others are finally knocking out to-do lists and completing pending projects. Spending so much time at home has many looking around their home and contemplating ways to make their space a bit more comfortable and prioritizing self care more than ever. I wouldn’t normally describe May as cozy but these days many of us need a bit more comfort and peace. Here area few items that can help you achieve an at home sanctuary of solace.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusers make your home feel like an all day long, mini-spa experience. They also add moisture to the air which is always a plus. Play around with your favorite essential oil aromas until you find the combination that fits you & your home perfectly.

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  • Soaking Herbal Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Just like the diffuser, these bath salts will speak calmly to your sense of smell and induce you to relax. Chances are you have the ingredients at home, so why not try a DIY, make-at-home version!

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  • Plants

I know, I know most nurseries are closed these days, but there are a plethora of online shops that sell beautiful, live plants that can be delivered to your front door. Plants are also natural air purifiers! Win-win.

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  • Wine/Cocktail Glass Set

These days, many of us are finding a bit more time to sit back and sip our favorite libation, why not toss out the old mix-match glasses and upgrade to a lovely set. It’s a perfect way to elevate your at-home-happy-hour!

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Throw Pillows

The couch and accent chairs are now taking center stage, they have become more than a piece of furniture these days…they’re the home office, the nap spot, the movie theater and the after hours lounge. Treat your favorite seat with a little love by refreshing the pillow covers and making your favorite spot a worthy destination.

  • Fresh Flowers

I certainly miss picking out fresh flowers at the local shop and creating my own pretty li’l boutique. Thankfully there are many online florists that offer subscriptions, so you can get a pretty arrangement weekly or monthly. An even better (and cheaper) option is to clip some blooms from your home garden, trade some of your gardens bounty with a neighbors or pick up a few wild flowers while out on your next walk.

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  • Comfy Loungewear

Who would have thought comfy loungewear would be everyday wear! It’s nice that amongst everything going on, stress free, soft, cozy clothes are getting their time in the light as we all optimize the benefits of staying home. Throwing on nice soft loungewear, made with thoughtful fabrics will make you feel comfy, but also well appointed.

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Linen Bedding

Linen optimizes “stay home, relax.” It’s such a versatile, yet beautiful and durable natural fabric. It looks best when it’s wrinkled from use and well-worn soft from washing. It is light and airy to keep you cool on warm nights, yet substantial enough for chilly nights. Ending your day under linen bedding is just about as good as it gets.

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