Ok, so most of us are already quite fond of the lush, smooth texture of traditional velvet, right? From throw pillows to curtains to accent chairs, velvet is an opulent, eye-catching game changer that will handsomely accent any space. The fabric is enjoying new found popularity but it certainly isn’t a new trend, its been around for many, many years. I fondly remember my parents having a big, lofty, chocolate brown velvet sofa when I was a child, it was so, so soft and my favorite spot to cozy up in the house. At Coterie Brooklyn we recently got our hands on some beautiful crushed velvet and knew immediately the fabric would make gorgeous throw pillows. Crushed velvet is a beautiful twist on traditional velvet, it has more dimension and plays uniquely to the eye, much like abstract art…no two are the same. The light hits the textured fabric at different angels throughout the day, which slightly changes the way the color bounces off the fabrics sheen. Crushed velvet maintains one of the most beloved features of velvet…it is heavenly soft to the touch!

We chose these four colors to spearhead our Crushed Velvet collection. Drum roll please…….