Tired of the same curtains, rugs, and blank walls staring back at you? In desperate need of change? Why not consider sprucing up your home and personalizing your space and making it more comfortable, relaxing, and appealing with decorative pieces that mirror your style and personality.

Not sure why you should consider investing in handmade décor? Take this journey with us as we explore all the reasons why you should make the conscious choice to surround yourself with decorative pieces that showcase culture, skills, and unique charm.

Unique and Creative

Flip through several magazines or online articles about interior design, and what do you find? The same ol’, same ol’. If you yearn for something less cut-of-the-mill (literally), handmade décor might be your best move.

Artisans produce handmade items, meaning they are not the machine-produced, mass-marketed dime-a-dozen variety. Welcoming them into your space means that your home now has an original, uniquely designed piece that just cannot be found anywhere else! Aren’t you special.

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There’s a conscious move towards environmentally friendly and sustainable living (and we love that!). For most of us, this translates to proactive measures such as buying from farmer’s markets, picking cosmetics with no chemicals and recyclable or reusable packaging, reducing meat consumption, going paperless, clean sources of energy, and so on

But do we stop there, handmade décor is just that—handmade. No robots. No loud over-consuming factories. No mass-energy or natural resource consumption. 

The result? One-of-kind, gorgeous pieces that are gentler on the planet!


It’s annoying, isn’t it?  It’s only been a week since you brought home a new sofa, and it’s already grumbling every time you sit on it. That dwarf-sized unbreakable planter that was once the pride of your coffee table now sits in a corner because it toppled over and chipped. Remember that towel you threw in the wash with your regular clothes that ended up leaving lint fibers everywhere? Ugh…what’s the point? 

Simply put, machine-made products lack quality. Big brands know that their products will always be in demand, irrespective of quality. But for an artisan, quality and craftsmanship are paramount, as their entire livelihood depends on how their creation withstands the effects of time and regular wear and tear. 

Original designs, quality workmanship, eco-friendly solutions, and built-to-last….what’s not to like about handmade décor? 

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Keeps Traditions Alive

Many artisans spend most of their lives learning and perfecting their craft.

By deciding to purchase handmade décor, you’re encouraging local artisans to continue their craft. To do what they love and are terrific at, to pass on generations of trade and craft secrets that would otherwise be lost.

Be a part of the movement that supports local artisans. 

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Made by Real People

Real people designing and hand-crafting each piece of home décor you own will do wonders for your space. Think of the personal touches on each of those handmade pieces. The stories and secrets they hold. The care and love that goes into all the detailing. Artisans put a piece of themselves in each item they designed solely for you.

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Honest Pricing

Consider the pricing factor if you still need to be convinced that handmade décor is the way to go. 

Mass-produced décor pieces are meant to be cheaper because of automated assembly lines, fewer resources being spent on employees, high-volume production at faster speeds, etc. Big brands spend on branding, marketing and advertisement, expansion and machinery, logistics, celebrity endorsements, packaging, and other related costs that drive up pricing. 

Buying directly from artisans and craftsmen eliminates many of these costs. The result? You have truly beautiful and unique pieces at home that are worth their value.

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Final Thoughts:

Whether you’re buying for your home or wanting to gift to a loved one a present that they’ll cherish forever, consider something handmade.

It’ll make a difference in the world and your home.

Happy handmade décor shopping!